November’s Wrapper

Heyyy everyone!!! I hope y’all are having a great day like me. This might be a little bit odd and late as well. But anyways, November was filled with many challenges and events that can’t be forgettable.

So now let’s hop into the post!!


Most events actually happened at school so I’ll be putting them all together. So anyways, this year was the first time I won two trophies for first place. Like usually, I’ll get one trophy for first place and the other trophy for a second/third place. But this year must be the happiest year for me. You must be wondering why I got those trophies? 😂 Well, I actually won in arabic poem recitation and essay writing and to be honest, all these are the stuffs I’m good at so this was like something great for me.

Another prize I got was from the sports side. This is also the first time I get two medals, though one of them was the one I’m actually proud of. I got two medals, one for basketball and the other for relay. Damn I’m so into team work aye?😂. Anyways, I’m proud of the relay one since I ran felt like Usian Bolt to pass the ballot to the last runner.

Not to mention that I learnt how to make new friends. I’m not a huge extrovert but I’m not an introvert as well.. so it seems that I’m in the middle of the two, an amprovert probably?!😂😂. Anyways, yeah I’m an amprovert. I talk about some topics with my seatmates, I crack jokes between classes but I try my best not to disturb my classmates. What surprised me is that I got closer to my seatmate not just in class, like we hang around together and talk about many stuffs.

Sharjah Book fair 2018

Mark my words: I’m not a bookworm. But damn I love reading some books😂♥️. Anyways, Sharjah book fair happens every year and last for a week or so and believe it or not every year there are over one million books (or that’s what I heard). So this year, I bought some books which I always wanted to buy:

  • Wonder by R.J.
  • Wimpy kid: Meltdown
  • The girl from the other side vol.5 (manga)
  • Death note 13 guide (manga)

My Photographies

The color for the sky is so so so beautiful

The color for the sky is so so so beautiful

I tried my best to capture the moon

I tried my best to capture the moon

I love the clouds here

I love the clouds here

This is my favorite one

This is my favorite one

I tried capturing this with different angles

I tried capturing this with different angles

It rained, at last

I’m not exaggerating though. It doesn’t rain a lot here, I mean in UAE since it’s a desert. But when it rains, its something that’s gonna last for two days at least and that’s exactly what happened. And guess what? We got a holiday from school and I guess it’s a coincidence since I didn’t even wanted to go to school on that day since I wasn’t in a mood. Like, who goes to school when it rains with thunders?

November Favorites

Favorite Song:

My favorite song on november which I got addicted to was: Freak Penne 😂. Now don’t make fun of me, okay? Even though this song got released on September but I grew addicted to it lately. Not just that, it’s an Indian song and I don’t mean to say I don’t that Indian songs sucks, its just that I don’t listen to them much since they’re all from movies. But well, this one is a special one with a western touch so it deserves all my love😂

Favorite book:

Renegades by Marissa Meyer. As I said earlier I love reading some books. But by looking at it’s thickness, the first thing in my mind was: this might not be my type. But guess what? I LOVE IT! I started reading it on the beginning of November and ended the book in a week. And that’s unusual for me since I’m a slow-reader but this book was something else. It was so interesting and exciting book, it gave the same feels as hunger games and that’s the best thing. I highly recommend it. And you what? The sequel came up already on November, I guess. Damn I’m gonna get as soon as possible😍

Favorite Movie:

Madagascar 3. I keep rewatching it and it surprisingly gets better everytime, especially the part when they sing fireworks by Katie Perry. The best thing is, I knew now when the song is gonna play and I start singing along😂

Favorite food/ cravings:

Kinder chocolate with cereals + kiwi&lime juice.

Honestly, I don’t now what made me love kinder with cereals all of a sudden, but God it’s so good and I love it.

December’s Goal

  • Complete all the 3 tag post which are pending
  • Make at least 5 posts
  • Try making a new dessert
  • Make a study schedule
  • Watch 3 Christmas movies
  • Post at least two videos on YouTube

I always hesitate when thinking about YouTube, I don’t know if I should keep posting videos over there since I don’t know what to post anyways😂. It would make me happy if y’all can take a look at my only video

And that’s all for the wrapper. I hope you guys enjoyed and don’t forget to keep up with my coming blogs. Much love.

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9 thoughts on “November’s Wrapper

  1. My jaw dropped! The photos are amazing but also are you me by any chance? 😂
    I love photography and I’m pretty good at running too!
    Idk if I was mistaken but do u speak arabic or just recite it? Cuz if you do speak it then you must either be my parallel self or I’m going nuts 😂😂
    Amazing post btw xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW im gonna sue you for copyright thanks for the credit 😤 JK JK 😂😂 I say this because I actually made up the ‘wrappers’ idea and no one else does it but ah well it’s cool. Anywaysss you live in UAE?!! Omg I lived there for 8 years and my grandma lives in Sharjah haha 😂 I love that placeee – the baqala nostalgia tho 😍😍 Great job on the poetry and sports! Once I did relay and tripped and disqualified my team 🙃 So yeah, no sports for me. Love the pictures and time lapse!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao don’t blame me! I tried to mention you for the idea of this wrapper but an error occurred so😂😂 forgive me.
      OMG it’s nice to hear that. I’m born in UAE and lived half of my life here.
      Thank you!! Don’t worry about that, I embarrassed myself twice during a race but still hard work pays off aye?😁 And thank you for checking out my video💝


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