My current struggles | exams >.<

Hey there everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. I think all of you noticed that I’m rarely active in the blogosphere, first because of school and second, is because I don’t know how to get back to blogging like before. It seems, that I don’t post about my day anymore, so guess what? I’m gonna do that now. So, just like what the title of this blog says, I’m gonna share my current struggles and that’s exams. You caN’t imagine hOw stressed I am right NoW! Despite that, I’m taking a break to write this blog for y’all to read. I’m gonna share my struggles.

And now let’s hop into the blog!

My Struggles


I don’t know if I said this earlier or not but well, I suck in Math. I failed in maths once last year and that was the most terrible thing that had ever happened to me. But hopefully, that will never repeat again. So, many people I know told me that I hated math and that’s why I couldn’t do better in it. But no, y’all are wrong about that. I don’t hate math, like honestly. I do like math, especially the geometrical part, about triangles, polygons and stuff, but I just couldn’t get high marks in exams. You know those moments when you come to school ready to write the exam, like everything is in your head, but when you enter the exam hall, you’ll literally forget everything, like everything, even your name (not really but you get me?😂) So that’s what I face in all math exams, I’ll literally forget all the formulas and theorms which I’ve been studying for days. Is it because of my stress and tensions? Well yeah, it is!

Social Studies

Well, in my case, social includes, geography, politics, history and economics. Out of all of those subjects, I honestly love History. I love learning about olden days, about the World Wars and about different countries history especially London. Okay, so when I say I love History I don’t mean I love studying history cause sadly, I don’t. I like reading the facts and imagining those old days but I don’t like memorizing them. You know what I hate the most? The fact that I should remember the date of every event. I know it’s just the year, but history is all about the nineteenth or the eighteenth century. Like, once while studying there was this event that happened during 1935-1955 and I couldn’t put that in mind, like most of the time, I’ll end up saying 1935-1945😂. Here’s a funny thing, usually while studying social, I’d make some short notes that can help me revise all the lessons at once. So, in the previous exam, it seems that I studied those noted so well that I wasn’t able to remember the main context. I didn’t have any other choice so I had to write that 😂😂. But despite, all that I score high marks in social and that’s because of history, I mostly concentrate on that. Like, in my case, I can write a whole essay for just one question in History. Another subject I’m okay with, is economics. Like, I don’t even need to study hard for economics. Like, you read what ever is written in that book and keep the main words definitions or short forms in your mind and everything is gonna be okay, trust me. Since, I’m a 10 grader, economics is not as detailed as is in 11th commerce stream. If you’re asking me about politics and geography, then let me tell you how uninterested I am in those two subjects. Though, I’m looking forward to study humanities in the coming years, yet politics is not my type, I hate to include myself in politics.

This is history though


Can anyone state Newton’s third law of gravitational force? 😂😂. Let me tell you something. Physics is a pain. It doesn’t matter which syllabus you’re studying cause Physics is always hard. It is easy to understand the concept and everything if you concentrated really hard. But all those hard calculations and formala, are just.. hella hard. Physics reminds of me Math, and that’s obvious since both subjects have calculations. Though, physics is fun and interesting, yet it is hard, at least a part of it is. Apart from physics, biology and chemistry are way more easier.

Wanna know my technics for studying?

Short notes

As I mentioned earlier, I make short notes for social studies mostly and that is helpful. Making short notes can really help you memorize stuff, especially if you added different coloured highlighters and make them look attractive. I never had time to decorate my own study note book and I don’t think that’s needed for me.

Questions Bank

I don’t know if any of you have the habit of getting access to the previous year’s exams question paper. But let me tell you how effective that can be, especially for practicing some questions for your math exam. I know that not all the questions are gonna get repeated but still some of them can, like a 50-60% chance. In my case, it’s easy to get them from my brother since he’s one year older than mea and he believe me he experienced everything I’m experiencing right now XP.

This is me trying to be an organized person

Maintain a Schedule

Well, yeah, a schedule is an important thing, if you want to organize your time and not waste it. I’m not an organized person, like what it seems. I often keep delaying my assignments and try to do something else. But when its about my studies, I always keep a schedule to organize my precious time (my time is so precious during exam time 😂)


Grab a Snickers!😂 I’m not really fond of Snickers, I love Mars, Milky way and Bounty.. Wait let’s get back to the main topic😂. Taking a break from studying and to eat a snack doesn’t waste your time. I don’t know if you can keep studying with your empty stomach but I can’t. For me, I usually drink a cup of iced coffee since I’m a huge coffee addict.

This looks damn delicious right?

And that’s all I’ve got to share for now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to be active the coming weeks, cause as I said earlier exams are getting closer, like it’s next Thursday. Till we meet next time, see ya later!!

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7 thoughts on “My current struggles | exams >.<

  1. I agree 100% right now I’m in the middle of exam week too and I had to re-do quite a hadful because I missed them and I’m acctually supposed to be studying right now but instead I’m reading blog posts shows how divided my attention can be 😂😂. I hope you do well or have done well in your exams I wish you the best of luck espically in Physics because I too have NO idea what is going on in Physics most of the time… Idk how I’ve managed to pass all those exams but it sure wasn’t by understanding it lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I get distracted as well but I try to stay away from all electronics. IKR. Physics is a huge headache, I tried studying and I have a feeling that I’m gonna do well. Hope you did well in your exams as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You have a life to live and adventures to, WordPress is just a wee part of your life… 🙂 you have many thoughts at the moment while dealing with challenges and the challenge of the day has priority over blogging…. 🙂

    “Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I will recall that piece of knowledge and use it better. “ Mark van Doren

    Liked by 1 person

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