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minasan kon’nichiwa! (it means hi everyone in japanese). This post might be an unusual thing from my side, but well, as long as I enjoyed writing it and y’all enjoyed reading, then nothing else matters, right? So, in today’s post, I’m gonna relate my thoughts with some of my favourite space quotes I found on Tumblr.

So now let’s hop into the post with no more delay!

☼✴Space is my place☼✴

It’s true, we might be made up of stardusts and that makes us stars. But unfortunately we’re stuck here, on earth and we don’t know how to get back to space. But we should bear with it, right? We should bear with all the hardships coming in our way, cause we are stars and stars don’t fall, we should keep shining in darkness

I believe that all the stars in the sky, above us, are listening to our thoughts and wishes. But among all these stars , there’s only one star that makes our wishes come true

Maybe we belong among the stars because they’ll accept us for what we really are. When we don’t find our place in a society, then space is our only shelter.

It makes me dream of floating in space among the stars and constellations. It makes me dream of becoming one of them, one of the stars, in space.

The universe will give you answers to all your questions, answers to all your pain and sorrow.

Knowing that creatures other than earthlings exists, gives us hopes to discover space. It makes us dream of meeting them and knowing more about them. It makes us wonder if they’ll ever come here, on earth, to take us with them, to space.

Think of all the stars, constellations and even the planets, aren’t they far away from each other? Doesn’t that make them lonely? When you look up at the sky you’ll think that they’re together, beside each other… but truth is, they’re far away from each other, they’re all alone in space.

Do we really need maps to space? Do we really need a guide to space? If space is really our place, if we really belong to space, then we don’t need maps! We’ll find our way back, back to home!

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