Back to school | stationary haul

Hey there everyone! I’m back after ages with a new blog post and honestly the least insteresting one (for me). I know I didn’t post for a really long time and believe me I was busy. It’s sad that summer has already ended and school has started or is gonna start for some of you guys, mine has started on Tuesday. So on Monday, I went out to the bookshop to buy some stuffs I need plus stuffs for school also (duhhh). So I thought of posting a little stationary haul to talk about what I bought.

So now let’s hop into the post.

a Journal + a notebook

This is the main thing I wanted to buy. I needed a new journal for my bujo since it’s gonna end after a week or so. But this journal is so cute, I mean look at it, it even got a little quote on the back.

I also bought a a book for my study notes since I always did that.

White marker

I needed this marker for my art journal and maybe for adding some details to my future paintings.

Two soft tip pens

That’s quite the usual for any student

Glue + double sided tape

Usual needs

0.1 micron pen

When I bought this I was so excited to use it but guess what? I forgot to buy ink plus an ink refiller like, I can’t use this pen without having any of them.

So that’s all for it. Hope you enjoyed. Much love.

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3 thoughts on “Back to school | stationary haul

  1. I get the stationary haul been there but I kinda just asked my mum to get all of for me… 😂
    My school starts on Tuesday… Noooooooooooooooooooooooo Another yearrrrrrrr!!!! Ok I’m over exagerating but going back to school can be a real pain.. Am I right???

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      1. I AGREE 100% I do also love going to bookshops but I normally just tell my parents that we need to go to the bookshop in the weekend 🙂

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