65 things that make me happy

I don’t know what the pic have to do with the post but it kinda suits this post so...

Heya everyone! Honestly, I wanted to post every two days but it seems that I was busy in these days. So, yesterday I was in a bad mood so I thought of writing things that’s make me happy in my journal. At first I wanted to write only 30-40 things but it seems like there are so many things that makes happy, and that’s unexpected.

So now let’s hop into the post with no more delays.

65 Things that make me happy !

  1. Pinterest
  2. People on Twitter
  3. Gumball (cartoon show)
  4. Listening to music
  5. Watching Anime (japanese tv shows) in a quiet place
  6. Active followers on Instagram
  7. Drinking Kiwi and lime juice
  8. Drinking and making of Cold Coffee
  9. Reading
  10. Drawing
  11. Watching DIY-videos on YouTube
  12. Going through my bujo
  13. Talking about celebrities with my sister
  14. Visiting the public library
  15. Combing my hair
  16. Sweet comments on my blog posts
  17. Surprising gifts
  18. Clarence (cartoon show)
  19. Reading mangas (japanese comics)
  20. Anime memes
  21. Inspiring quotes
  22. Cute illustrations
  23. Aesthetic Pinterest posts
  24. Art journaling
  25. Talking with people on social media
  26. Editing pics and videos
  27. Playing with cats
  28. @kaldld tweets (a YouTuber)
  29. Chatting with my friends
  30. Arabic jokes and quotes
  31. Doodling
  32. Visiting Book stores
  33. Highlighters
  34. Cloudy skies
  35. Disney movies
  36. Arabic books with quotes mostly
  37. Looking at the moon
  38. Eating Donuts
  39. Looking at stationaries in bookshops
  40. Buying jackets
  41. Looking at sketchbooks
  42. Eating pizza with people I love
  43. Reading blogs
  44. Korean outfits
  45. Photography posts on Instagram
  46. Fanarts
  47. Eating ice cream
  48. Organizing apps on my phone
  49. Tumblr blogs (posts)
  50. Photography
  51. Decorating my bujo
  52. Space illustrations and paintings
  53. Aesthetic Tumblr pics
  54. Drinking flavoured water while going for a walk
  55. Quotes related to space and universe
  56. Looking at sticky notes with different colors
  57. Tumblr-ish quotes
  58. Snapchat stickers
  59. Watching YouTube videos in winter
  60. Hanging out with friends
  61. Fast WiFi with no lags
  62. People laughing at my (lame) jokes
  63. Winter
  64. Watching football
  65. Learning more about japanese cultures.

And that’s all for it, hope you enjoyed reading. Much love゚・*:.。*:゚・♡


12 thoughts on “65 things that make me happy

  1. I can relate to number 30 since I’m Arab.
    Me and my sister always tell each other that we know that we are Arab because we still fear the mighty shahata ( the slipper 🥿)

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  2. I wanted to ask if it’s ok if I could do a post like that I would really love to, of course I would mention that you were the person who inspired me to do so. Thank you 🙂 Keep smiling 🙂

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  3. That is so cool I actually love reading too and I have a really close friend who is in LOVE with Anime if she is not watching Anime she is probably talking about it or reading about it lol

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  4. An impressive list, thanks for sharing!! for me; waking up on the green side of the grass, greeting the morning with a open mind and heart, knowing each day brings a new adventure!!… 🙂

    “Every morning your have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

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