A day to remember!

Hey everyone! Hope y’all are doing great. So, after a long time, I’ve met my best friend yesterday. It’s been almost 3 months since the last time we’ve met and believe me I was just so happy. So, I thought of sharing my day to you all.

I started my day as usual, with the same routine. I noted everything I’m willing to do for the day in my bullet journal.

At first, I turned to Instagram and posted one of my first colored drawing, which was delayed for a long time. You can check it out here.

I then revised my mathematics lessons since I didn’t have anything else to do (honestly, I’ve just remembered some formulas and that’s it).

Later during the noon, I worked on my art journal cause I really want to complete that particular set.

After completing that, I just got bored and started, like, wasting my time by going through my accounts in all social medias and searching for new ideas and inspiration.

At 5, in the afternoon, I met my friend at the mall. And honestly, I was so emotional when I saw her after a long time. I felt like crying though but obviously, I couldn’t. Here is a fact about us, we joke, we laugh, we have fun all the time, we are, we were, always like that despite the distance that separates us. So I’ve spent the day, talking about my school life (which is hell) and how much my life changed after we got sperated.

So, we drank coffee, ate ice cream, and basically, did nothing else. But honestly, it was fun. I might hangout any day later during this month before school starts and that’s something to look forward to.

I’ve spent the whole night yesterday to write this blog (despite how tired I was)

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Much love.。.:*✧


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