My Summer Routine!

Hey Everyone! I hope y’all are having a great day!! It’s been 5 days, I guess since the last time I posted. In this post, I’ll be sharing my summer routine. In my last “weekly diary“, I shared a bit of my “morning routine” but I guess it even changed a bit.

Now, let’s hop into the post!


Every morning I usually wake up at 8:30 or 8:45 it all depends on my dream (or nightmare). The moment I go out of bed, I immediately take the comb and start combing my really curly hair. I don’t know why but if I didn’t comb my hair the moment I wake up, I’ll get lazy to comb it later. After combing my hair, I’d wear my glasses (I literally can’t see without my glasses) and then head to the bathroom. After that, I would make my coffee or tea, depends on my mood honestly. The next thing I do is sit on my study table, turn on the television (though there’s nothing interesting to watch) and then use my phone and go through, first Twitter, then Instagram and lastly Pinterest. After browsing and going through my main social media accounts. I’ll take a look at the blogs in my feed. After having enough of my phone. I usually start writing in my bullet journal, (yeah, I started one) though I still didn’t get used to it. Usualy, after writing in my bullet journal, I’d start sketching for some time and then start working on my art journal.

Boring hours

Usually, after I finish working on my journals, the time would be 9:30 or 10am. At 10, my mom usually wakes up from her morning nap. The thing that I hate is that at this time of everyday, I wouldn’t have anything to do so I’d end watching some cartoons on TV and rant with my mom (about school mostly). Honestly, my mom would be the only one awake at this time, since my siblings stay awake till 4 or 5 in the morning and they would end up sleeping for the next 8-12 hours. I would stay in this situation for about an hour and half and then start reading (which is our next topic).


Just so y’all guys know, I’m not a bookworm and I know I’m not gonna be one. But I do read books, for the sake of having fun. So three days ago, I guess, I went out to the bookstore to buy some books since I didn’t have anything to do for the whole week. I bought two books and that too took a long time. I like being in the bookstore looking at book covers, but it disturbs me since I care about the cover most of the time. So I bought, Paper town by John Green and Dorothy must die stories vol.2 by Danielle Painge (I read the first book though). I started reading Paper town and I really enjoy reading it, I mean I get excited after every page! In a day, I’d usually read for an hour or so, and that became my routine. The moment I start reading I ignore everything in the background and I guess it became a habit cause sometimes I’ll not know what’s happening around me.

Hot Weather

In where I’m living, when it’s summer the weather becomes hot like hell. In some days, the weather at early morning and at night would be cool and some days are not. So naturally, the weather is really hot and that’s one reason why I hate going out. This hot weather prevents me from taking walks and going on picnics. But the only thing I can do, is hangout with my friends at the mall and believe me, I really want to accomplish my plans despite the hot weather!

And that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed. Much love.

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2 thoughts on “My Summer Routine!

  1. It appears you have a wonderful routine going for you and no doubt as the summer continues you may even make minor changes that will even make it better…. then main thing to remember about your routine is be happy…. 🙂

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