13 reasons why not to tag!

I think writing this is really a great idea and it would be nice to share “13 reasons why I keep going”.

Before starting, I’d like to mention that I was nominated by Crystal Girl. I think it’s really sweet of you and thanks for that!

The Rules :-

  1. Mention the person who nominated you.
  2. List 13 reasons why you keep going
  3. Nominate 10 people
  4. Display the picture

13 reasons why I keep going!

1. My Dreams

I’ve got a lot of dreams to fulfill and that’s an enough reason for me to keep going in this life, despite the obstacles I face.

2. My Friends

My friends support me in every step I take and no matter where we are, no matter what separates us, they’ll always be there by my side and I’m grateful.

3. My Family

I wouldn’t reach where I am now without my family’s support. My parents support me in all ways, financially and mentally and that’s all what I need to move on. If I ever gave up in any point in my life, then all my parents’ support will be wasted, and I don’t want that.

4. My role models

The reason we see people as our role models is because we aspire to be like them in the future. When I think of my role models I get motivated and that helps me to move on. I always aspire to become like my role models and in some point of my life I hope I can meet them.

5. To prove myself

There are people out there who underestimate me and I don’t care much about that. But the reason I want to prove myself is to show people that no matter from which country you came from, no matter how simple life you lived, no matter how much you struggled, you can succeed in your life and reach high ranks.

6. Learn about this world

I don’t know everything about this world. And in order to learn about this world, I need to travel around the world and explore it. I believe that there are a lot of hidden secrets in this world and I would to discover them.

7. Visit my favorite places

I’ve got a lot of countries and cities in mind and I want to visit them.

Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Florence, Italy

8. To publish a book

I started working on my novel since last year. I’m not that of a writer cause most of the time my writings sucks. But I still have that aim to publish a book.

9. My talents

This is not something to boast about. All of us have noticeable talents or sometimes hidden talents. But either way, we have talents, and our dreams depends on our talent. So logically, if I fulfilled my dreams then my talents won’t go on wasted

10. My brother

He can be the most annoying yet the most talented person to me. I can achieve my dreams in order to prove myself to him.

11. My hard work

I didn’t achieve anything great in my life so far. But, think it in this way, I’ve reached where I am now without failing and I think if I gave up right now, then all of my hard work will be wasted.

12. To live the life I want

This might seem childish, but I always dreamt of living in a wide house surrounded with plants, a balcony and a library of my own. Though, my view on this has changed over the years but I still want to live a calm life.

13. Hope

I keep going and I try not to give up and that’s because I have the hope of a better future. Honestly, that’s the only reason why we keep moving forward despite all the hardships we face, we always believe that the future is always bright.

And now, people I nominate:-

  1. Dutchll
  2. Ayesha
  3. Kinsey
  4. Starr
  5. Questions From A Teenager
  6. ahappilyellaafter
  7. Diana
  8. A Dreamy State
  9. Allyf8toom

I would be really happy to read all your blogs.

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5 thoughts on “13 reasons why not to tag!

  1. Amazing I love your posts and these are amazing reasons. Thank you for doing the post! 🙂 I love the fact that you mentioned being a writer. I agree on the novels thing I start a story great but it doesn’t seem to last longer than a few months before it starts being really bad 😂. I hope someday I read a book written by you :).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We all have amazing talents we just have to be in the right situation to discover them! I mean they wouldn’t be amazing if we used them all the time now would they? 🙂 LOGIC 😂. I would definitely thank you for your support if I ever get round to doing something extraordinary lol 😂 💕. xo

        Liked by 1 person

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