My coffee recipe!

My coffee is not really something special but I thought it’d be fun if I shared my coffee recipe. I’m sure the ingredients are simple and can be found in your kitchen.

Ingredients :-

Coffee (obviously)

Sugar (if needed)

Coffee mate or Vanilla Ice cream

Ice cubes

Method :-

  • Add one teaspoon of coffee and sugar in your mug
  • Add hot water into your mug till it reach the half (since we’re gonna add ice cubes)
  • Then you can add either coffee mate or ice cream, add them till the coffee turns brown.
  • In the end, add some ice cubes and keep mixing till it melts and fills the mug.

And that it. That’s my usual recipe for a cold coffee, if you want to make iced coffee then you can add crushed ice instead.

And that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to keep up with my coming blogs. Much love.


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