hiddenzzz’s weekly diary#1

Hey there everyone! When was the last time I posted a blog? It’s been literally more than two weeks since the last time I posted. My mind was busy with many stuffs plus I had extra classes at school. So I’ve created a new series called “hidden’s weekly diary”, where I’m gonna post every week cause I feel that many events happen during the week and not weekends.

Many stuffs happened this week and the week before this. So in this post, I’ll be summing everything up.

Now, let’s hope into the post with no more delay.

World Cup 2018

Yeah. World cup should the first event in this list. To be honest, events of this year’s world cup was somehow unexpected and you can say it’s a disappointment for we, fans. Many strong teams for the past years had lost and left the world cup. Teams, like, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and even Germany had left the world cup and believe me I’m still shocked and I can’t believe this. I mean, I didn’t support these teams fully, but still, I expected so much from them, like literally.

But, if you have followed me in twitter, you’re probably already annoyed by the way I fangirl. Cause believe me, I support Brazil like crazy, particularly Neymar. And thankfully, thankfully, brazil is still playing in world cup and you don’t know how proud I am of them, like literally. I’ve been supporting Brazil ever since the beginning and I can’t help but be happy for them.

Summer Vacation

At last, my summer break has arrived. I’ve been waiting for this the whole year. Now, I can do whatever I want and I even made a list so as to remind myself. So far I made a small list of stuffs to-do in summer, I still can’t recall all the stuffs I had in mind but well, here it for now:

Learn Japanese, Tagalog and Spanish

Upload stuffs on YouTube

Work on my Art Journal

Buy new books to read

complete my novel

Watch many shows

Go out more often

that’s it for the list so far, I know it seems simple and all except the first one. I really need to learn some languages, it’ll be fun, I guess.


I’ll be sharing some stuffs I had in mind during the last few days. Motivation don’t really help me out and it doesn’t effect me positively. Lately, I’ve been really desperate and I couldn’t get high grades in my studies and because of that, I’ve got many so-called motivations from people around me. And believe me, I’ve always hated being adviced and being motivated on studies. I don’t really know why but whenever people try to motivate me, I get a feeling that I believe in myself more than what I should and that’s not gonna do any good.

VSCO filters

I’ve been using this app for a long time now and lately while going through Pinterest, I’ve found many VSCO filters ideas which look really aesthetic.

And that’s it’s for now. I hope you really enjoyed it though it was really short. Much love.

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