How to improve your accounts?

I’ve been in many social medias for the past years and let’s say I know many ways to improve you account after going through many experiences.

And now let’s hop into the post.


I can admit that Instagram is the most interesting site for a person like me who uses it because I’m buried in boredom. I’ve went through many accounts in Instagram and noticed how successful some are while others are in the moving in the same path.

First, I’ll be talking about instagram story. I don’t know how many of you like posting stuffs in your story cause I find it an interesting way to spread your ideas or thoughts. Talking of which, I went through few accounts with many stories in a day and despite how interesting it was yet it is hard to keep up with all of it. At times, you might have many followers but less story views and that’s mainly because not all your followers are active, another reason is maybe because those followers are not the type that look at stories.

Second important thing is your followers. You might get many new followers in a day. But it is not guaranteed that they’ll be active followers. Lately, I’ve got many follows from different accounts, and what disturbs me is the fact that some of those followers are bots or follow-then-unfollow types. So whenever they unfollow me I’ll do the same, but in the case of bots, I don’t have other choice but to block them. Imagine having many followers in number but less active followers.

Third thing you must do is just be active and post contents which are attractive. If you post stuffs which aesthetic or photographic people would get attracted to it and many good accounts with the same taste are gonna follow you. But you should always keep in mind that good posts are not everything, you should be active like your followers. Keep in mind that being active will make your followers active as well.

I also find that doing shoutout for shoutout (S4S) is effective since they’ll be mutual exchange of support.


First thing you must do is follow people with the same interest as you and by that way you can gain followers. But sometimes you might get a follow from an account with thousands of followers and that makes your tweets unnoticeable for them. But as long as you’re active, people will obviously want to follow you and keep up with your tweets.

The only thing you should keep in mind while using twitter is that you can post whatever you want and talk about anything in your mind.

And in any social media if you want your account to be successful then you should have the concept of being active for active in mind.

And that’s it for today hope you enjoyed enough. Don’t forget to keep up with my coming blogs. Much love.

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