hiddenzzz’s weekend #1

So officially, this is the first post of “my weekend” series. So at last I’m writing one cause this weekend was kinda special. At first, I thought of writing another Ramadan diary since it’s Ramadan obviously. But, I got a lot of stuffs to write about, like different events happening.

After this introduction, let’s hop into the post.

1. Ramadan Day#2

I think it’s really a blessing since this Friday was the second day of Ramadan plus it’s the first friday of Ramadan. So this Friday is different since I didn’t have any plans for this Friday like I used to have. I ended up using Pinterest for some “inspiration” for my journals. But truth is, I wanted to find various ways to make time pass cause it seems slower while fasting. And for the first time in my whole life, I thought of studying for my upcoming exams (yeah, unbelievable I know). Imagine studying on Friday while you’re fasting. It was exhausting but well I did it after all (I need someone to appreciate me duhh). I didn’t accomplish much, but well I did something.

2. Art Journal

I didn’t tell you guys about it yet, but I started my art journal (yayy). Working on an art journal is really relaxing. I mean, you could do whatever you want with it. You can mess it up as much as you want, you can add your own quotes, you can draw or doodle or even scribble and it’s all art cause it belongs to you. So, I just completed 2 sets of pages so far and I feel proud of myself. Talking of an art journal, I’ll post an art diary so soon.

3. Desserts

Every Ramadan, I’ll get excited to make a new kind of dessert. But every year I’d fail and the result is not pleasing. So this year, I thought of making some easy dessert which everyone love. I made some pancakes as suhoor (what we eat in the morning before fasting) and well it wasn’t the best but it was good, besides it was my first try. I also made some crème caramel for my siblings. But this time, instead of boiling the caramel powder along with milk at the same time, I boiled the milk and then added the caramel powder into it. Maybe that’s why it tasted different. But well, it’s just the second day of Ramadan, let’s hope for my improvements to show up 🙂

4. Social media

I’m into many social medias and I use them like everyday. But since it’s Ramadan and it’s a blessed month. I thought of being productive and not use these social medias. Many of you may not know it, but I got 3 instagram accounts. One main account which all of you know, and one fan account and other a random one. Back to topic, I logged out from all the accounts except the main one. And I ended up using Instagram only at night to check my notifications. But in the case of Twitter (I got only one account), I logged out from my account and believe me Twitter is an addiction and thank God I got over it. And in the case of Pinterest, which is a site of inspiration, I use it in order to work on my art journal.

5. Fake love by BTS

See, I’m not an ARMY (BTS fan). I started watching their videos and MVs (music video) about 2 months ago. And I somehow I love their performance maybe cause it’s somehow unique and is really cool. Good thing is that, they released their new MV “Fake Love”, and I really got excited. But again, since it’s the holy month of Ramadan, listening to music might be a sin. So, I’ll have to wait for 29 more days to end so I can watch it. Damn it, I’m really excited and I can’t watch it. Lastly, I can admit that I like some of the members of BTS maybe cause they’re cute. I said maybe, okay?

6. Moon Photography

Tried capturing that little moon

The best thing in Ramadan is the cresent-shaped moon in the sky at night. For some reasons, it looks more beautiful in Ramadan than other days. So I thought of capturing the moon, but unfortunately I don’t have a real camera so I used my phone camera. So, I thought, “I won’t lose anything if I tried”. That’s why, I tried capturing the moon many times and in different ways but well I couldn’t capture it properly using my phone’s camera. So, right now, I really need a camera.

Besides, I wanted to post this blog yesterday, but I was pretty busy. I know you guys would understand.

And that’s all for now. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to keep up with my coming blogs. I don’t mind if you suggest something new for my blogs, I’ll accept all ideas. Much love.


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