Ramadan Diary #1

So. Many of you might find this title weird, probably cause you have no idea what is “Ramadan”. Hope you stay till the end of the post to know more.

Besides, this is a new series in my blog for the next thirty days (which makes a month). I won’t be posting everyday, but only when there is something to write about. So let’s hop on into the post.

Ramadan! Day#1

At last Ramadan have arrived, for me it’s the best days of the year. It gives me a happy feeling inside my heart like a calm feeling. So, Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims must fast everyday till the sunset for the whole month. Basically the best thing in Ramadan is that I get the chance to stay awake all night till 4 am and then sleep after eating.

Another thing I love about fasting is that my mom won’t disturb me and ask me to eat every now and then cause whatever I eat is enough for me. But she doesn’t want to believe that.

Honestly, I had many plans for Ramadan like staying awake all night, learn to cook new kind of foods, complete reading the glorious Qur’an with ease, going out with my friends after prayers, and so on. But this year, Ramadan had started before my summer vacation and that’s the worst thing ever. I hate the fact that, I’ll have to go to school while I’m fasting and coming back home so exhausted to the point that I can’t concentrate on my studies.

But the good thing is that our school timing is now till 1:00 pm whereas the usual timing was till 1:45 pm (just 45 minutes less). But well boring periods will end quickly.

So today was the first day of Ramadan and believe me I struggled while writing this post cause I was fasting. But thank God I managed to fast without even eating at 4:00 am. So I was literally so hungry and thirsty than usual and so tired after I came back home from school. It was hard to even stand and I can’t catch anything cause my hands were shaking badly.

I got some excitement for EID which comes after Ramadan announcing it’s end. We don’t fast on EID, instead it’s like a festival for Muslims where we go visit friends, family and so on. But again, school and studies can ruin anything (or maybe everything). My exams are going to start on mid-June and it is estimated that EID is gonna start on June. So basically, this year I can’t spend Ramadan or EID peacefully.

Except the fact that Ramadan is a blessed month, where you ask forgiveness from the Almighty. In fact, your good deeds are multiplied by 700 and that’s a huge blessing.

Besides, I’m not trying to promote any anything by writing this post. I just like sharing about my lifestyle and my daily routine.

That’s all for now. Hope you all are a excited to read more of this series. I believe it will be interesting.

And again hope you keep up with my coming blogs especially this series. Much love.


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