Get over stress!

I’m sorry guys I know it’s been a long time since I posted a blog. To be honest I didn’t have anything in my mind and I couldn’t concentrate on writing. But the only reason why I couldn’t concentrate is because of this stress I’ve been through mainly because of thinking about school, studies,.. and so on. I’m not the only one who this through this all so I thought of sharing some stuffs which relieves my stress.

1. Relax

Okay when I say relax I mean forget everything and enjoy for a minute or so. In order to relax, all you should do is sit away from your work place, close your eyes and take a deep breathe cause that will make you feel better. You can try doing Yoga cause I believe it is really effective.

2. Talk to someone

Talking to someone not in order to waste time but to take your stress away. Talking to someone who understands you and knows how to deal with you and make you happy, is the right way to get over your stress. In my case I usually talk with my friends who aren’t in the same school as me. Most of the time it’s more like complaining than just talking about school.

3. Bullet Journal

I’ve already started my bullet journal at the end of April and to be honest it’s really an amazing idea. It made me so satisfied and kinda relieved. In a bullet journal, you can write about your day or week and whatever thoughts you have in mind. Whenever I’m stressed, I’d open my bullet journal, listen to some music and write about stuffs which makes me happy.

4. Drawing

You no need to be a good artist to love drawing. Whenever I get stressed, I’d just randomly draw or scribble anywhere available. And that really helps.

5. Twitter

At first I found Twitter a boring place. But later on, when I found many accounts which got the same interests as me, I started to find Twitter a good place for discussions. And so, whenever I get stressed, I’d just go through some Twitter posts cause it really brightens my mood.

6. Music

Listening to music can distract you at times and sometimes it can relieve your stress. I prefer listening to loud music cause it just makes me active and energitic (don’t ask me why).

In case you didn’t read my previous blog, I posted about my “favourite music of all time”.

7. Take a walk

I find walking really relaxing and fun besides, it refreshes your mind and calm you a bit.

And that’s it. That’s how I try to get over my stress and at times it won’t even be effective, and that’s how I’d end up depressed till something unusual happens. Hope you guys enjoyed. Don’t forget to keep up with my coming blogs. Much love




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