The Mystery Blogger Award

Heyy everyone! How's thing going? It feels so long since I got nominated for a tag. Plus, I wanted to complete this quickly because I don't have anything else to post. If you're wondering why I'm disappearing a lot, it's because I'm trying to focus on my studies since it's getting closer to the end … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

January playlist 2020

Heyy everyone!! Speaking of being consistent with my blog and starting the year enthusiastically, is something I'm trying to hard to do. January was busy month, with school stuffs and making new goals and resolutions. Alive by One Direction Attention by Charlie Puth BeFour by Zayn Better now by Post Malone Cheap thrills by Sia … Continue reading January playlist 2020

#7 things I want to try this year (+new video on youtube)

(lol. I had to re-upload this post because it was full of errorrrs) Heyy everyone!! How's things going? I hope you guys already made up your goals for the year. So in this little post, I'll state some things I wanna try to do this year. Honestly, these are simple goals which is not hard … Continue reading #7 things I want to try this year (+new video on youtube)