current mood board + new video

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great great time.

I already uploaded a new video on youtube few hours ago so I hope you guys go check it out!! And tell me if you like it :))

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August Playlist

Heyy everyone!! How’s things going? Woahh it’s been one whole week since I posted something. I feel like I’m going back to being inconsistent with my blog again. Anyway, for the past four days I was hella busy with eid (we celebrate two eids in a year). Unlike the previous eid, this one is a bit different and lasts for four days instead of three. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t excited for eid much, maybe cause I was my school will reopen soon and that keeps me distracted.

That was little update for y’all and now let’s hope into this post!

August’s Playlist

A different way by DJ snake & Lauv

Boy with luv by BTS ft. Halsey

F**k I’m lonely by Lauv & Anne Marie

I don’t care by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

If I can’t have you by Shawn Mendes

I’m so tired by Lauv & Troye Sivan

Infinity by One Direction

Just like you by Louis Tomlinson

Kiwi by Harry Styles

On my Way by Alan Walker & Sabrina Carpenter

So far Away by Martin Garrix & David Guetta ft. Jamie Scott

Something just like this by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Sweet Creatures by Harry Styles

The heart wants what it wants by Selena Gomez

Whatever it takes by Imagine Dragons

Who do you love by The Chainsmokers ft. 5sos

wRoNg by Zayn ft. Kehlani

2002 by Anne Marie

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Top 5 motivational quotes (@samlaurabrown)

Hey there everyone! So few days ago, I’ve stumbled across @samlaurabrown‘s account on instagram and realized that she’s a blogger, podcast host and a coach. She shares many motivational quotes that would literally make your day better. For this post, I’ve gathered 5 quotes that became my favorite and that’s been motivating me. So here you go!

Till next time.. see ya!

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Monthly recap— July 🔆

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great time. I just woke up the other day and I felt like I forgot about something. When I looked at the calendar I was like: Wait, july ended already? I literally lost track of time. That means, only one month is left of the summer break.


I can’t believe my summer break is gonna end after one month. That means, I have only one month left before I get back to school. We’re also getting closer to the end of the month which makes me anxious about getting all my goals done before the end of the year.

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary & weekend

I thought of bringing these two series back to life and honestly, I missed writing these types of diary posts. This is something interesting to write since I don’t add much what I’ve done or the events that happened into my monthly recap. Most of the events that happened this month is written there so I suggest you go check it out if you haven’t.

hiddenzzz’s weekend #2

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #3


I’ve uploaded another video in youtube this month. It wasn’t a video I took days to shoot or edit, like I did it all in just one day and immediately uploaded cause I thought it was cool. The video was meant to be for myself as a little memory or reminder in my journal of that day but I just love how it turned out so I uploaded it since I didn’t upload anything since months ago.



Hate me by Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD

If I can’t have you by Shawn Mendes

It took me a long time to really love this song.

Old town road by Lil Nas ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

I didn’t like this song much once it came out and everyone was so addicted and hyped about it and I didn’t even know why. It was a cool, catchy song and a little nostalgic but it didn’t feel like my type. My brother kept playing it on and on till I somewhat liked it.


this has been my #1 motivation for the whole month


Previous Goals:

  • Post 5 blog posts ✓
  • Get back to drawing ✓
  • Get back to art journal ✓— I literally journal every single day
  • Organize instagram feed ❌— I haven’t used instagram as much as I expected and I feel like that’s a good thing so I won’t get distracted
  • Have an amazing summer ✓— in progress

August’s Goals:

For august, I’ll concentrate more on the goals in my summer bucket list cause I HAVE TO COMPLETE THEM before summer ends but here are the main goals for august:

  • Go shopping for school
  • Study and recall everything you learnt
  • Visit the bookstore
  • Make a birthday party for mom
  • Enjoy Eid!

That’s all for now! It was an interesting month and I’ll make sure to enjoy august at it’s fullest. And don’t forget to drop some questions here for my little Q&A, ask as much as you want!!

Till next time.. see ya!

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Ask me!!

Heyy there everyone!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day. I’m currently busy planning for next month since there’s so many events coming up. For the last few days I was busy completing my holiday assignments so it won’t get all bundled up by the end of the holiday. Anyway, I thought of doing this little Q&A since I love answering questions and also because I’ve never done this before. You can ask your questions down in the comments and once I gather enough I’ll answer them all!!

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hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #3

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day today. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been in a mood to write blog posts all the time. Anyway, this is another series that existed in my blog but I totally abandoned it for almost a year now. This week went by smoothly and there are so many stuffs I wanna rant about so here it is.

My yearly haircut

I was supposed to have my yearly haircut earlier this year like on april or may but I kept delaying it. If you haven’t known it already, my hair is really curly and it grows quickly. Not only does it gets longer it also gets thicker which is the worst thing. It actually grew a little bit below my shoulder so I told myself: you should cut it now!!!! I cut my hair around april like before my school starts and it would already be long. Last year, my hair was cut so short. I wasn’t even able to tie it up so I had to put in clips till it grew long enough. So, this was the first time I cut my hair by myself, usually I would end up going to the hairdresser since I feel like I’m gonna ruin my hair. I was actually kind of nervous about it like I don’t even know if the way I’m doing is right or not. What I did was tying my hair and then cutting it before reaching the hair ribbon to make sure I can tie it up. And despite how scared I was of ruining my hair, it turned out just the way I wanted it to be. My mom helped me trim my hair at the end to make sure it’s all straight in length. She even combed my hair— something she didn’t in ages— and I felt like I was 10 years younger again.

9 years of one direction

This was crazy! My instagram explore page was filled with this hype and the hashtag ‘#9yearsofonedirection’ was trending on Twitter. I spent the whole day listening to their albums, watching their music videos and other vidoes on youtube, getting nostalgia in the form of goosebumps XD. My siblings, annoying as they always are, made fun of me being so crazy about this 1D thing. If you were in my place you would’ve been already done by their jokes of one direction never coming back— God! I was hurt. I don’t even know if they really mean it like come on, how can you hate this boy band? Not only are they the cutest— and and and— they’re also the biggest band on the planet!! They kept teasing me and annoying me and I kept arguing with them for the whole day. I was so crazy about it ever since the morning forgetting about my parents’ anniversary which was on the same day XD. It’s not a big deal to my parents like there’s no big celebration just having sometime together. I legit spent the whole day on twitter and believe me I don’t even use twitter as much as I did yesterday. I guess, I even spent hours there. I was being so emotional while going through instagram posts. I felt like I’m gonna cry any second while reading those emotional captions.

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9 years. wow. Isn’t it crazy? Nearly a decade ago the boys were still such small babies, sitting on the stairs and filimg the video diaries i’m sure all of us have seen countless times. They haven grown up, became handsome men, and we did as well. Although a lot has changed over those years – zayn left the band, they went on a hiatus, they all started their solo careers, and I’m sure there’s been change in our personal lifes as well – some things didn’t; the love we have for the boys and vice versa. Over all those years one direction has become a household name. even more than three years after their hiatus we still manage to win awards for them, keeping the band very much alive even though the boys are all off doing their separate projects. We still love and support them no matter what and the love and appreciation is returned by them. it’s a special bond that you don’t get to see too often. We know the boys are thankful for everything we’ve done for them and even though they might not be able to tell each and every single one of us in person how grateful they are, it’s undeniable. It is a message that gets delivered silently. we know, they know. I never thought I could feel so loved and understood by people so unreachable, people who don’t even know who I am. I know it’s cheesy, but they helped me accept my flaws and love myself. Looking up to them played a big role in me becoming the person I am today cause they taught me so many things. They didn’t just teach me to love myself, they made me become a better person overall. They inspired me to always stay true to myself, to be humble and down to earth, appreciate the things I have and not take anything for granted. And to not take life too serious. Not only do they inspire me in so many ways but if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing people I am now lucky enough to consider some of my best friends. They’re so much more than just a boyband and even though they’re all doing their own thing now, they will always continue to be a band in our hearts. This is to many more incredible years. To interminable adoration and support. #9yearsofonedirection

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I can’t believe I uploaded this on youtube!! I was proud of this journal prompt so I thought of uploading the video of me making it. I actually cringed while waiting for the uploading progress. I had a little argument with myself on whether I should cancel the upload or not. But anyway, I just had to go with it like what will I lose, right? I actually did it as something that would stay in my journal and when I get back to it, I’ll be like: woah! Remember when I did this celebrating 1D’s 9th anniversary. Like woah I can imagine myself saying that next year XD. I hope you guys can check it out and tell me your opinions whether you liked it or not. I’m honestly trying to upload on my youtube channel but I don’t know what stops me— I actually know, it’s my procastination. No, but seriously did you ever get the feeling about doing something? Like I would think about how hard it is to shoot a video then edit it and then at last waiting for it get uploaded plus worrying about the copyright stuffs. But once the video is uploaded and is ready to be watched and shared, I’ll be so happy and proud that I would wonder: why haven’t I done this long ago? And the circle goes on and one till I plan to stop it here and get myself to be serious about my dream of being a youtuber.

My glass mug

God! I feel like I’m the worst person alive. I legit broke my favorite glass mug that was also one of my birthday presents. I should’ve been a bit alert about pouring boiling water into it. Usually, I’d go for hot water for my morning coffee but this time I added boiling water without realizing which is the biggest mistake I’ve ever done in my whole life. I freaked out when I heard the crack sound but hell I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I saw the water leaking out and I was about to thow the mug away fmbuy u looked at it and said to myself: wait, isn’t that just a crack? The crack rounded halfway through the bottom of the mug. My mom told me to throw it away already since it might be dangerous to fix or use a cracked mug but me being so stubborn, I told her that I’m gonna find a way to fix it. I googled ways to fix a cracked glass mug and well you know there were so many websites and I’m kinda hesitant about trying all those ways to fix it like, what if I went wrong? Anyway, I haven’t yet tried any of those ways but I will and I’ll update y’all.

Selling old books

So instead of getting a summer job which I know I can’t or starting up a small business, I decided to sell my old stuffs that are still in good shape. Yesterday, I found this website that enables anyone to buy and sell their items— new or second handed items— which is something I wanna do. But this website is not well known all around the city I live in so I doubt someone will buy or even look at the items I display. The thing is, I have so many books in my shelf since ages and I don’t think I really need it anymore. I mean, I read them only once. I plan to sell those books and keep my favorite ones or the ones that are precious to me that I know I’ll re-read again and again (or books that worth keeping)

Woahh! Did I just rant about all that? It was a nice post to write, hope y’all enjoyed it. Till next time.. See ya!

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hiddenzzz’s weekend #2

Heyy everyone!! Woah guys! Did you know that this series existed? I wrote only one hiddenzzz’s weekend diary throughout my blog. I’ve had an amazing weekend which is unexpectedly rare since I always end up sleeping and being lazy. Anyway, here are the stuffs that made me weekend ‘amazing’ and worth speaking of.

Movie time: Queen of Katwe

Usually on fridays my family would sit together for lunch, watch some documentaries and sometime go out. I mean, on the days except friday my dad would be so busy with work so we won’t see him during the day. Anyway, every friday there’ll be some family-movies on t.v, we used to watch movies every friday but that tradition stopped. So while scrolling through the channels, I came across this movie:. Honestly, I was the only one concentrated on it but in the end my mom watched it with me. It was so emotional and yeah I didn’t exactly cry since I was sitting beside my mom and she would ask me: why are you crying for movie? I just made sure not to blink so my tears won’t flow like a waterfall. And yeah, I do cry a lot while watching emotional movies, live action and animation. Back to the movie, it was emotional yeah cause it was based on real life events and also inspiring. The story revolve around this girl who is like the best chess player in her village which is katwe, a poor village in Uganda. With her great skills in chess she represents her country in many competition which changes her life. At the end, I realized that it is based on a real story.


It’s been so long since I went out with my friend since we were both busy before summer break. It was a casual hangout at the mall though. The best thing of every hangout is getting a drink with your friend!! Or trying something new with them. I would usually go for iced coffee like I don’t even remember the last time I drank hot coffee. Sometimes I get the feeling that me and my friends have different opinions on drinks like they either don’t like iced coffee or coffee itself. The weather yesterday felt unnatural like it was humid outside but you can feel the hot breeze as well. But at night it’s actually cool (maybe cause UAE is generally, a dessert) but sometimes it’s humid at night as well. I can’t understand UAE’s weather. Thankfully, yesterday I didn’t feel hot as I would usually feel when I stepped out of my house to the car or from the car to mall— despite the fact that I wore my denim jacket. The hangout went by in a great way. I gifted my best friend a bracelet and a ring (a bit similar to the one I have currently) for her last year’s birthday— you can’t believe I was this late. I honestly didn’t expect her to get surprised. I half-expected her to be disappointed but she didn’t, she even tried it right away. It was great day which made me really tired since I came back home at midnight.

Business plans for summer

I’ve always wanted to get a summer job— mostly cause it looked interesting in movies and TV shows. But no, honestly aside from it being fun, it’ll make me productive and also I’ll get to earn money 🤑 But over here, working under the age of 18 is illegal and got so many licenses procedures so until I reach 18 I cannot get a summer job here. So I thought of starting some business projects. I’ve always went through those instagram accounts that are set up for business purposes like selling hand-made products. Me and my friend planned to start up a little business through instagram but we still don’t know what business will it be. I planned to make some friendship bracelet that is always trending every summer cause I believe it’ll be simple but you know I’m the procastinating kind of humans. But this year, I won’t procastinate (mark my words xD). I’ll try to start up a simple business just for the sake of being productive in summer and maybe to earn money as well :p

How was your weekend?

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Top 5 favourite instagram art accounts

Heyy there everyone!! I had this idea in mind since ages. I found this post in my drafts and it wasn’t even half completed. Anyway, there are many art accounts on instagram but for now, I’m gonna share only 5 of my favorites.


She’s my #1 inspiration when it comes to bullet journals. Her bujo is so cute and she also has a YouTube channel where she posts her tutorials. She also posts tutorials on IGTV on instagram. Honestly speaking, she is my main inspiration for starting a youtube channel.


I don’t even know what to say about her feed. She’s a true artist and her feed is so breathtaking.


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Wreath 3-step tutorial! These wreath doodles are perfect for your bullet journal or even for your notes 📝 hope you guys like them 🦀💝🌊 . . If you want to support me you can sign up on skillshare with my link🌈if you do you get 2 free months of skillshare ❄️link in my bio❤️ . . . . #studygram #studyblr #studyingcommunity #studyinspo #studyinspiration #studyspo #bulletjournallove #studyblog #studymotivation #studygrind #bujo #bujo #bulletjournalideas #bulletjournalss #bujoideas #bujoinspiration #bujoweeklyspread #stationery #bulletjournalcommunity #planwithme #cutenotes #notetaking #student #bulletjournaljunkies #planneraddict #cutestationery #stationerylove #stationeryaddict #bulletjournaling #bulletjournal ideas

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I love how simple her doodles are. It’s all what I need for my bujo to look cute.


This is my favorite account when it comes to art journals. I love her art journals when it’s related to space and astrology.

This is one of the first artist I’ve followed on instagram. You can see how she improved her skilled from coloring her sketches with pencil colors to painting them. I love her style of drawing since it’s kinda similar to mine— except better.

That’s all for now!! Till next time.. see ya 💛

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July’s spread + mood board

Heyyy everyone!! Here I am trying to make my blog alive again. Anyway, I hope you guys check my instagram account since I started posting my artworks there (trust me you don’t wanna miss them xD). Now, here is my july spread which I chose to be in a summer theme.

July’s spread

Cover page & Calendar

This looks different than my usual style. I actually chose a simple theme so I won’t have to add many doodles and artwork every now and then. While drawing the cover page (the one at the right) it actually turned out smudgy but I somehow fixed it as you can see.

Weekly spreads

I don’t know if it’s me trying to make it as simple as possible or me being lazy.

Honestly, I don’t use my bujo much during summer break since I don’t usually put plans for the day

Current mood board

A little note: okay, so I’m not being a crazy directioner by adding that little pic at the corner but it’s just like a reminder of their anniversary which is on this month

That’s it for now!! Till next time.. see ya!

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Get ready to enjoy summer!

Heyyy everyone!! How’s things going? I hope y’all are having an amazing summer. This is my first week of summer break and here is a life update: I’m still in my lazy state. I’ve been like this for long enough and I guess enough is enough. My blog stats is so low and my instagram is nearly dead. So, in order to enjoy summer I thought of sharing some ways that might help me us enjoy summer.

This was how the sky looked today! It was beautiful but the weather was so HOT! When I went out and saw how red everything was, I told my mom: the earth is burning xD

How to enjoy your summer?

  • Write a bucket list

I do this whenever I have a long break from school. Writing a bucket list reminds me of everything I want to do since I forget so often. When I’m busy with school, sometimes I’ll have so many ideas popping up in my mind— mostly blogging idea. Writing a bucket list is a must for me, or else I would feel something is missing.

  • Find your calm place

This is so important for me when I need to concentrate on something. My house is always noisy even though I have only two siblings. Most of the time, I’ll be the one who starts up the noise by singing or hitting stuffs to start a beat and my mom will get annoyed and shut us all up XD. Anyway, when I’m reading a book or watching something, I want to be in a calm place where no one interrupts me. I would usually end up in my room with my cup of iced coffee and get the right mood. And honestly, that’s the best feeling in the world. But again, I’ll be back to my other side making the house alive hehe.

  • Start journaling

I started bullet journaling around the same time last year and I could say that’s the best thing I ever did. It did made my life more organized and all but also I use my journal for a lot more purposes. I mean, I write down my bucket lists, monthly playlist, sometimes sketch and doodle. I don’t know, sometimes, I just write down task or track important events.

  • Be productive at times

I feel like being productive is important so I won’t end up regretting procrastinating the whole summer. I mean, it’s okay to watch movies, read books and I don’t know.. watch youtube as well? But well, it’s also fun to make a progress in some of your skills. Like, for me, I try to improve my drawing skills and my art skills as well by journaling, maybe.

  • Don’t put much plans

As much as planning is a good thing but over planning (if that’s a word) is not a thing I’ll advice. I mean, sometimes you have to just go with the flow and enjoy your day. Like, I don’t wake up and expect to go out on this fine day. But sometimes, my parents decide so and we’ll go out without a plan and end up having a great memorable day.

That’s all for now!! I promise (again) to be active, this time for real haha.

Are y’all enjoying your summer?

Till next time… See ya!!

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